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Belly Buttons

I’ve been thinking about my belly button a lot lately.

Maybe it’s because my belly button is a reminder that I was attached to my mom. I grew inside her for 9 months. It’s because of her that I have a birthday to celebrate today.

She gave me life and now I’m watching her fight a losing battle with cancer that will ultimately take hers.

My mom is in hospice house as I type this. The cancer is now in her spinal fluid and brain.

There’s nothing more doctors can do for her.


I received my bachelor’s degree in accounting from Michigan State University many, many years ago.

There is a basic assumption in accounting called the Going Concern. The Going Concern Assumption means accountants assume a business will continue to do business as long as that business has the means to do so.

I’ve always assumed my mom would continue on. I never thought at some point she wouldn’t have the means to do so. Yet, here we are. The cancer is basically liquidating her assets, so to speak, and soon she will no longer be in business.

That sounds harsh but sometimes my analytical mind functions better using financial terms.


I’m attached to my mom now more so than I have been in the last 45 years of my life, more so than when I was in her womb for 9 months. My siblings and I are all here by her side at hospice house as we await whatever God’s plan is for her.

This is a scary and difficult and sad journey to be on with her.

So yeah, I’ve been thinking about my belly button and how everyone has one because we were all attached to our mothers at one point. Whether or not you have (or had) a good relationship with your mother isn’t relevant; she chose life for you. Rejoice in that.

I wrote about my mom in this blog post as well if you'd like to read more about her.

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