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Documenting My VO Journey

I’m about to get real y’all.

Starting a side hustle is difficult. I’m learning this fact the hard way: by trying to start a side hustle of my own.

Those who tell you starting a side hustle is easy are either lying to you or they truly don’t have a full-time, ‘day’ job that takes up most of their day.

Or they don’t have a family that needs his/her time and attention.

Or they don’t enjoy vegging out at the end of a long day working the day job by lying on the couch and binge-watching The Crown (I speak from experience on all of the above).

Before any of you Gary Vee chickenheads jump on me by saying that I have to really WANT it and devote the hours of 6PM to 2AM to pursuing the side hustle, let me say this: easier said than done.

For me, there has to be balance. I have an almost 6-year-old son and a husband and two old dogs who are literally on their last leg. I want/need to spend time with them. The conundrum is this: I’ve started the side hustle to be able to eventually buy myself more free time with the above-mentioned family members (except maybe the old dogs, their days are numbered anyway).

I can’t be alone here in wanting it all, can I? To be able to start a successful side hustle, work my full-time job, and have family time? Anybody with me here on this?

I don’t want to give up my hours of 6PM to 2AM. For one thing, I’m in bed by 10PM. Can’t I just occasionally work on the side hustle from 6PM to 7PM (assuming there is no t-ball game that evening, or church, or school function)? And then occasionally on the weekends?

I realize, it’s all about choices. Time spent with family is time I’m choosing not to spend on my side hustle and vice versa.

I’ve decided to document my learning process here as I launch and nurture my voiceover side hustle. Hopefully one day I can look back on my journey with pride and say “yeah, I created that and now look how far I've come”.

Join me as I pull back the curtain on what it takes to work a full-time job and try to become a successful voiceover artist. All while being a wife, a mom, a sister, a daughter, a food broker, a work-out enthusiast, a blogger, and a follower of Christ.

I know I’ll be learning something every step of the way and I hope you do too. If I can help one person learn from my mistakes or from my successes, it will be worth it.

To learn more about my voiceover work, you can check out I can also be found on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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