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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are your voiceover rates? 

    • It honestly depends on your project! Some questions I'll ask when we're discussing your project include: what's the usage (radio, internal, commercial, etc.), length of script, editing needs, etc. I try to follow the GVAA rate guide but typically we can always find a way to make your budget work. ​

  • What is your turn around time?​

    • Again, it depends on your project and where your project lands in my 'que'. Typical turn around for a voiceover of less than 2 minutes is within 24-48 hours. ​

  • How do I get started in voiceover? ​

    • Ah, if I had a nickel for every time I was asked this, I wouldn't need my voiceover business. My first recommendation is to seriously consider if voiceover is right for you. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not a get-rich-quick business by any means regardless of what you may have read on the interwebs. If you truly think voiceover is an industry you wish to pursue, start with a good voiceover coach. I got voice over training for a year and had a background in theater prior to that. Then I had a demo produced. Then I took more coaching and had more demos produced. A good voiceover coach will help you not only with your voice and self-direction, but also help you with the business side of voiceover. ​

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